Ananth Raghunathan

Ananth Raghunathan

I am a Senior Research Scientist at Google

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I am a computer scientist broadly interested in cryptography and security. At Google, I work in the security research team with Úlfar Erlingsson on differential privacy (RAPPOR) and applied crypto.

I graduated in 2014 with a Ph.D. from the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University. My Ph.D. advisor was Prof. Dan Boneh. My research focused on modeling and building secure deterministic and searchable encryption schemes. I also worked on building lattice-based cryptographic primitives, among other topics in cryptography.

I spent the summer of 2013 with Dirk Balfanz and the security engineering team doing research on the Security Key at Google. I spent the summer of 2012 at Microsoft Research (Silicon Valley) working with Gil Segev and Ilya Mironov.

Earlier, I graduated from the Computer Science and Engineering Department at IIT Madras with a Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science with a minor in Physics in July 2009.


  • Function-Private Subspace-Membership Encryption and Its Applications
    ASIACRYPT, Dec. 2013
  • Private Search on Encrypted Data
    Invited Lecture, ECE 734, CMU-SV, Nov. 2013
    Invited talk, Stanford Computer Forum Security Workshop, Apr. 2013
    Invited talk, IT Security Entrepreneur's Forum Workshop, Stanford, Mar. 2013
  • Function-Private IBE: Hiding the Function in Functional Encryption
    CRYPTO, Aug. 2013
  • Message-Locked Encryption for Lock-Dependent Messages
    CRYPTO, Aug. 2013
  • Deterministic PKE for Adaptively Chosen Plaintext Distributions
    EUROCRYPT, May 2013
    End-of-internship talk, Microsoft Research SV, Oct. 2012
  • Signature Schemes from Lattices
    Invited Talk, Indo-US workshop on lattice-based cryptography, Jan. 2012
    Microsoft Research India, Jan. 2012
  • Algebraic Pseudorandom Functions with Improved EFficiency from Augmented Cascade
    ACM CCS, Oct. 2010