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Course Schedule | Autumn

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Academic Year '23 - '24

Not a Stanford student? Go to Stanford Summer Session for information regarding courses available to Summer Visitor students.  

Important Note: Courses that have an asterisk (*) are eligible SCPD courses.

CS7Personal Finance for EngineersNashM 4:30-5:50pm420-040
CS11SIHow to Make VR: Intro to VR Design and DevelopmentBorensteinM, W 4:30-5:20pmHRIL Conf Room
CS24Minds and MachinesGoodmanF 1:30-2:50pm420-040
CS25Transformers UnitedFeng/SchaefferT 10:30-11:50amMcCullough 115
CS44NStanford Introductory SeminarJamesT, Th 10:30-11:50amLittlefield 104
CS80EDissecting the Modern ComputerMasterM, W 3:00-4:20pm60-109
CS100AProblem-solving Lab for CS 106AKingW 3:30-5:20pm80-204
CS100BProblem-solving Lab for CS 106BYuM 4:30-6:20pmSTLC 105
CS103*Mathematical Foundations of ComputingSchwarzM, W, F 1:30-2:50pmSkilling Aud
CS103AMathematical Problem-solving StrategiesGuanT 3:00-4:50pm160-315
CS105Introduction to ComputersYoungM, W, F 1:30-2:20pm200-002
CS106A*Programming MethodologyParlanteM, W, F 1:30-2:20pmHewlett 200
CS106AXProgramming Methodol in JavaScript & Python (Acc)CainM, W, F 1:30-2:20pmMitchell B67
CS106B*Programming AbstractionsZelenski/SzumlM, W, F 2:30-3:20pmHewlett 200
CS106LStandard C++ Programming LaboratoryWhitneyT, Th 4:30-5:50pmTuring Aud
CS106MEnrichment Adventures in Programming AbstractionsZelenskiTh 3:00-4:20pmLathrop 299
CS106SCoding for Social GoodCainW 4:30-6:20pm160-127
CS107*Computer Organization and SystemsCainM, W, F 10:30-11:20amNVIDIA Aud
CS107AProblem-solving Lab for CS 107BearT, Th 10:30-11:20amLathrop 180
CS109Intro to Probability for Computer ScientistsPiechM, W, F 3:30-4:40pmHewlett 200
CS109AProblem Solving Lab for 109QinTh 4:30-6:20pmSTLC 115
CS111Operating Systems PrinciplesTroccoliM, W, F 11:30am-12:20pmSTLC 111
CS111AProblem Solving Lab for CS111MasterT 9:30-11:20am50-51A
CS123Building AI-Enabled RobotsLiuM 1:30-4:20pm50-52H
CS137APrinciples of Robot Autonomy IPavoneT, Th 10:30-11:50amShriram 104
CS145*Data Management and Data SystemsShivakumarT, Th 4:30-5:50pmNVIDIA Aud
CS147Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction DesignLandayM, W 1:30-3:20pmCemex Aud
CS147LCross-platform Mobile App DevelopmentLanday/ChengT, Th 1:30-2:50pmMcMurtry Oshman
CS148*Introduction to Computer Graphics and ImagingFedkiwT, Th 12:00-1:20pmNVIDIA Aud
CS149*Parallel ComputingFatahalian/OluT, Th 10:30-11:50amNVIDIA Aud
CS154Introduction to the Theory of ComputationReingoldT, Th 10:30-11:50amBishop Aud
CS157*Computational LogicGeneserethT, Th 1:30-2:50pmNVIDIA Aud
CS161*Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsRubinsteinM, W, F 10:30-11:50amGates B01
CS161AProblem-Solving Lab for CS161SharkovTh 4:30-6:20pmLathrop 299
CS177Human Centered Product ManagementWodtkeW, F 1:30-3:20pmTuring Aud
CS191Senior Project(none listed)by arrangement 
CS191WWriting Intensive Senior Project(none listed)by arrangement 
CS192Programming Service Project(none listed)by arrangement 
CS193QIntroduction to Python ProgrammingParlanteTh 6:30-8:20pmSTLC 115
CS195Supervised Undergraduate Research(none listed)by arrangement 
CS197Computer Science ResearchBernsteinTh 4:30-5:20pm200-303
CS198Teaching Computer ScienceGregg  
CS198BAdditional Topics in Teaching Computer ScienceGregg  
CS199Independent Work(none listed)by arrangement 
CS199PIndependent Work(none listed)by arrangement 
CS221*Artificial Intelligence: Principles & TechniquesSadigh/LiangM, W 1:30-2:50pmNVIDIA Aud
CS224V*Conversational Virtual Assistants with Deep LearniLamM, W 3:00-4:20pmGates B03
CS224W*Machine Learning with GraphsLeskovecT, Th 3:00-4:20pmNVIDIA Aud
CS229*Machine LearningCharikar/GuestM, W 1:30-2:50pmGates B01
CS229BMachine Learning for Sequence ModelingFoxM, W 1:30-2:50pmHewlett 201
CS229MMachine Learning TheorySchrammM, W 1:30-2:50pm200-205
CS229SSystems for Machine LearningMirhoseini/AroM, W 10:30-11:20amMcMurtry Oshman
CS236*Deep Generative ModelsErmonM, W 4:30-5:50pmGates B01
CS237A*Principles of Robot Autonomy ISchwagerT, Th 1:30-2:50pmGates B01
CS238*Decision Making under UncertaintyKochenderferT, Th 9:00-10:20amNVIDIA Aud
CS242*Programming LanguagesAikenT, Th 10:30-11:50amGates B03
CS247ADesign for Artificial IntelligenceStanfordW, F 9:30am-12:20pmSTLC 104
CS248B*Graphics: Animation and SimulationLiu/JamesT, Th 1:30-2:50pmSkilling Aud
CS251*Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain TechnologiesBonehM, W 3:00-4:20pmNVIDIA Aud
CS257*Introduction to Automated ReasoningTrippel/WuM, W 10:30-11:50amHuang 18
CS259Q*Quantum ComputingBoulandM, W 11:30am-12:50pmSSkilling Aud
CS261Optimization and Algorithmic ParadigmsGoelT, Th 3:00-4:20pm200-205
CS263Counting and SamplingAnariM, W 3:00-4:20pmHewlett 102
CS265*Randomized Algorithms and Probabilistic AnalysisValiantT, Th 1:30-2:50pmShriram 104
CS274Reps and Algor for Computational Molecular BioAltmanT, Th 4:30-5:50pmGates B03
CS279Comp Biology: Struct & Org of Biomolecules & CellsDrorT, Th 3:00-4:20pmShriram 104
CS293Empowering Educators via Language TechnologyDemszkyM, W 3:00-4:20pmLathrop 180
CS298Seminar on Teaching Introductory Computer ScienceGreggM 1:30-2:20pmEcon 139
CS300Departmental Lecture SeriesReingoldM, W 4:30-5:50pm420-041
CS309A*Cloud Computing SeminarChouT 3:00-4:20pmBishop Aud
CS325BData for Sustainable DevelopmentErmon/BurkeT 1:30-4:20pmShriram 108
CS326Topics in Advanced Robotic ManipulationBohgT, Th 10:30-11:50amLathrop 299
CS328Foundations of Causal Machine LearningSyrgkanisT, Th 3:00-4:20pm20-21G
CS329HMachine Learning from Human PreferencesKoyejoM, W 1:30-2:50pm370-370
CS329MIntroduction to Machine ProgrammingGottschlichT, Th 4:30-6:20pm200-002
CS329RRace and NLPJurafsky/EberhT 1:30-4:20pmMcMurtry 350
CS329TTrustworty Machine LearningMitchell/DattaT, Th 3:00-4:20pmHewlett 101
CS330*Deep Multi-task and Meta LearningFinnM, W 3:00-4:20pmGates B01
CS337AI-Assisted CareLiF 9:00-11:00am 
CS349HSoftware Techniques for Emergent Hardware PlatformAchourT, Th 1:30-2:50pmGates B12
CS353Logic and Formal PhilosophyIcardW 4:30-6:20pm380-381T
CS356Topics in Computer and Network SecurityDurumericM, W 3:00-4:20pmGates B12
CS377GTopics in Human-Computer InteractionWodtkeW, F 1:30-4:20pmLathrop 294
CS390ACurricular Practical Training(none listed)by arrangement 
CS390BCurricular Practical Training(none listed)by arrangement 
CS390CCurricular Practical Training(none listed)by arrangement 
CS390DPart-time Curricular Practical Training(none listed)by arrangement 
CS399Independent Project(none listed)by arrangement 
CS399PIndependent Project(none listed)by arrangement 
CS448B*Topics in Computer GraphicsAgrawalaM, W 11:30am-12:50pmSThornton 102
CS476AMusic, Computing and Design IWangM, W 3:30-5:20pmKnoll 217
CS498DDesign for Learning: Connection and CommunityMitchell/LangeM, W 1:30-3:20pm 
CS499Advanced Reading and Research(none listed)by arrangement 
CS499PAdvanced Reading and Research(none listed)by arrangement 
CS522Seminar in Artificial Intelligence in HealthcareDrorW 4:30-5:20pmHewlett 201
CS528Broad Area ColloquiumAroraM 10:30-11:20am 
CS529*Robotics and Autonomous Systems SeminarPavoneF 12:30-1:20pmSkilling Aud
CS547*Human-Computer Interaction SeminarBernsteinF 10:30am-12:20pmSSkilling Aud
CS802TGR Dissertation(none listed)by arrangement