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Course Schedule | Summer

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Academic Year '22-'23

Not a Stanford student? Go to Stanford Summer Session for information regarding courses available to Summer Visitor students.

Important Note: Courses that have an asterisk (*) are eligible SCPD courses.

CS103*Mathematical Foundations of ComputingLiuM, W, F 4:30-6:20pmShriram 104
CS106A*Programming MethodologyCerkvenikT, Th, F 1:30-2:45pmSkilling Aud
CS106B*Programming AbstractionsCornwall/KaurM, T, W, Th, F 1:30-2:45pmNVIDIA Aud
CS107*Computer Organization and SystemsKeppler/RamireM, W, F 3:00-4:15pmNVIDIA Aud
CS109*Intro to Probability for Computer ScientistsKim/SongM, W, F 3:00-4:15pmSkilling Aud
*Introduction to Computer Graphics and Imaging
Jobalia/LiT, Th 12:00-1:15pmGates B01
CS161*Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsIvkovM, W, Th, F 10:30-12:15Skilling Aud
CS191Senior Project(none listed)  
CS192Programming Service Project(none listed)  
CS193C*Client-Side Internet TechnologiesYoungT, Th 1:30-3:30pmGates B01
CS199Independent Work(none listed)  
CS199PIndependent Work(none listed)  
CS221*Artificial Intelligence: Principles & TechniquesAmjadT, Th 4:30-6:15pmSkilling Aud
CS229*Machine LearningAvatiM, F 4:30-7:00pmNVIDIA Aud
CS390ACurricular Practical Training(none listed)  
CS390BCurricular Practical Training(none listed)  
CS390CCurricular Practical Training(none listed)  
CS390DPart-time Curricular Practical Training(none listed)  
CS399PIndependent Project(none listed)  
CS399PIndependent Project(none listed)  
CS499Advanced Reading and Research(none listed)  
CS499PAdvanced Reading and Research(none listed)  
CS802TGR Dissertation(none listed)