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Get Involved

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Explore the Many Options to Get Involved

As an alumni member, industry partner, or enthusiastic supporter, there are many ways to collaborate with the innovation and excitement of learning here at Stanford Computer Science. 

Promising Students: Our Future

Stay top of mind, get a fresh perspective, recruit with confidence. We train our students to be leaders in government, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations. Connect with specialized programs to reach Stanford Computer Science students.

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Recruit Students

Recruiting: Bright Prospects

Bring the best and brightest minds into your organization using our dedicated CS recruiting service: Computer Forum. Connect with computer science and electrical engineering students through job fairs, on-campus interviews, and more.

Visit the Computer Forum website

Engage with Students

Sponsor a Poster Session

Students' energy and passion for their research is palpable at a Stanford CS Poster Session. This informal event brings together CS students and their teams with industry partners in a lively Q&A format. Sponsor a Poster Session and watch the crowd mingle, ask questions, and strike up impromptu conversations. 

Email joseph.huang [at]

Partner With Students

Sponsor a Capstone Program

The Capstone Program brings together Stanford CS students and industry to solve real-world problems. Collaborate with upper division undergraduate students to work on projects from your organization. The result: innovative solutions.

Email borenstein [at]

Learn more

Holistic Industry Collaborations

Train your employees, scope out adjacent markets, augment your research & development projects, and build a deeper pipeline to the newest research.

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Industry Engagement

The Affiliate Programs: Design the Ideal Collaboration Here

Join forces with research teams at Stanford Computer Science to accelerate the development of your organization's goals through our Affiliate Programs. There are many options to explore and we're here to guide you.

Let's talk about what is possible.
Email joseph.huang [at]

Tour the Stanford Computer Science Affiliate Programs

Industry Engagement

Corporate Sponsored Research

See the impact that corporate sponsorship can make for your organization and the world. The Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab-Toyota Research Center is a thriving example of the power of collaboration. 

Email joseph.huang [at]

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Industry Engagement

Executive & Continuing Education

Enhance the knowledge of your employees with new ideas, new interactions, and new capabilities.

Continue to Learn

Philanthropic Giving

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Join in the mission of the university. We're here to guide you on your exploration of our many philanthropic programs: email joseph.huang [at]

Every gift will make a positive impact.