Research Interests

  • Human-computer interaction, decision support systems, causal inference

  • Education analytics

  • Data visualization

  • Machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) in general

  • Data mining, information retrieval

Working Papers

  • Effects of Broad Access to Historical Course Outcomes on Student Behavior and GPA

  • Bootstrapping Sequential Recommendation Systems from Passive Data

  • Increasing Out-of-Major Course Enrollments through the Value Relevance Intervention

  • Stanford Carta: A web-based course exploration and planning tool

  • Choices, Identities, Paths: Understanding Students’ Academic Decisions (under review)

Refereed Conference Proceedings

*Equal contributions. Undergraduate coauthors underlined.

Journal Articles

†Author names follow alphabetic order.

Other Publications

  • T-Score.
    Sorathan Chaturapruek.

    My Maths Magazine

    . Volume 2 No.4. (Mathucation Section).
    ISSN 1686-6630, Thailand, 43-45, 2006.

  • Math Talent of YorWor (Math Contest Preparation Book).
    Sorathan Chaturapruek.

    Book of the 60th Anniversary of Hatyai Wittayalai School

    . Thailand, 2006.

†Author names follow alphabetic order.