Tudor Achim photo 

Tudor Achim
Email: tachim@cs.stanford.edu
PhD Student, Computer Science, Stanford University
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory


I'm a second-year PhD student in computer science. My interests are generally in high-dimensional probabilistic inference. I was previously at Quora for three years where I helped start the machine learning team and before that an undergraduate at CMU where I worked with Sidd Srinivasa on computer vision and robotic manipulation.

I'm currently on academic leave working on perception for autonomous navigation at my startup Helm.ai.


Aditya Grover, Tudor Achim, Stefano Ermon. Streamlining constraints for random k-SAT. NIPS 2018.

Tudor Achim, Aashish Sabharwal, Stefano Ermon. Beyond Parity Constraints: Fourier Analysis of Hash Functions for Inference. ICML 2016.

Lun-Kai Hsu*, Tudor Achim*, Stefano Ermon. Tight Variational Bounds via Random Projections and I-Projections. AISTATS 2016 [oral].

Arjun Singh, James Sha, Karthik Narayan, Tudor Achim, Pieter Abbeel. BigBIRD: A large-scale 3D database of object instances. ICRA, 2014. Project Website.

(* denotes equal contribution)