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Graduates at Commencement 2023
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Department of Computer Science | Academics

Founded in 1965, the Department of Computer Science is a center for research and education at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Strong research groups exist in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Foundations of Computer Science, Scientific Computing, and Systems. Fields in which interdisciplinary work has been undertaken include Chemistry, Genetics, Linguistics, Physics, Medicine, and various areas of Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing. Close ties are maintained with researchers with computational interests in other University Departments. In addition, both faculty and students commonly work with investigators at nearby research or industrial institutions.

Jerry Cain, CS Bachelor's Program Chair

"Welcome to Computer Science! Our Department is outfitted with some of the most talented and dedicated CS researchers and educators in the world, and every single one of them is eager to provide you with the scientific and computational skills needed to succeed in industry, research, and academia. All of our CS degree programs furnish you with the foundational knowledge required for all computational work, but after that, you have broad authority over what direction you'd like to pursue. We offer undergraduate programs in systems programming, artificial intelligence, visual computing, computational biology, and many other areas. Computer Science is one of the most popular majors at Stanford, and it's also one of the most flexible!"

Cynthia Bailey Lee, CS Master's Program Chair

"We invite you to join our community, where everyone is simultaneously learning, teaching, and doing, and where you will find shared passions for Computer Science and positive global impact. Our Master's program welcomes professionals and Bachelor's candidates from all areas of undergraduate study. We seek to equip you with the depth of fundamentals and up-to-the-minute knowledge and skills that you need to realize your career dreams."

Omer Reingold, CS PhD Program Chair

"Welcome! Our Department is dedicated to fostering the growth of researchers across diverse fields within Computer Science and in multidisciplinary endeavors. Whether your aspirations lie in academia, industry, or elsewhere, our program is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed for a lifetime of discoveries, making a positive impact on society and the world. As a research-intensive program, we strive to cultivate the next generation of thought leaders. Alongside fellow students and researchers who are at the forefront of their respective disciplines, you will have the opportunity to explore and innovate."

Degree Programs

Stanford University's Computer Science Department is part of the School of Engineering. The Department offers the degrees Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy. It also participates in undergraduate interdisciplinary programs, including Symbolic Systems and Data Science.

Department of Computer Science

Bachelor's Program

Students have the option of declaring a Bachelor of Science or a Minor in Computer Science.

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Department of Computer Science

Master's Program

The Master's degree in Computer Science is intended as a terminal professional degree and does not lead to the PhD degree.

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Department of Computer Science

PhD Program

The PhD degree is intended primarily for students who desire a career in research, advanced development, or teaching.

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Student Services

The Computer Science Student Services team focuses on supporting students with a vast array of inquiries.

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