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BS | Writing in the Major Requirement

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Writing in the Major (WiM) courses provide students with opportunities to develop writing skills in the context of their major fields. It begins the process of learning to write effectively in discipline-specific formats and styles. CS181W, CS182W, CS191W, CS194W, CS210B and CS294W are the only WiM eligible courses within the CS Department.

Writing in the Major courses have the following qualities:

  • carry at least three units of credit
  • must be taken for a letter grade
  • are taught by faculty, senior lecturers or lecturers
  • require a substantial amount of writing (the exact amount number and types of assignments vary according to what is appropriate for the discipline)
  • schedule writing at regular intervals throughout the quarter via multiple short papers and / or assigning a larger project in stages
  • emphasize the process of rewriting with individualized feedback and coaching from the instructor or TA (require at least one substantial revision)
  • devote attention to standards of writing in the discipline
  • integrate writing concerns into classroom activities (e.g., lecture, discussion, student presentations)
  • are situated in the overall curriculum of the major to contribute most effectively to students’ training in the discipline

Take into consideration that CS181W and CS182W are eligible to satisfy both WiM and Technology in Society requirements, whereas CS191W, CS194W, CS210B, and CS294W are eligible to satisfy both WiM and Senior Project requirements.

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