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Joint Degree Admissions

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Joint CS PhD/Law Degree

Graduate students interested in pursuing a joint graduate program in Computer Science and Law can apply to a joint degree program between the two academic units. The program is designed for students interested in obtaining both a JD and a PhD. In addition to being admitted to both programs, students must apply to the joint program by contacting the supervising faculty in each department.

Students interested in the joint degree program must apply and gain entrance separately to the School of Law and to the PhD program in Computer Science and as an additional step, must secure permission from both academic units to pursue degrees in those units as part of the joint degree program.  Interest in either joint degree program should be noted on the student’s admissions applications and may be considered by the admissions committee of each program. Alternatively, an enrolled student in either program may apply for admission to the other program and for joint degree status in both academic units after commencing study in either program.

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