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The central requirement for the MS CS degree is completion of at least 45 units that represent an approved academic plan. The concrete representation of that academic plan is your program sheet, which lists the courses you intend to use to satisfy the 45-unit requirement. Separate program sheets for each of the pre-approved areas of specialization are available online on GIN (the Gates Information Network), and as downloadable pdfs.

You are required to submit your initial program sheet before the end of your first registered quarter as a MS CS student. Your program sheet must be approved (via GIN) by your advisor as well as by the Department's MS CS administrator. Submitting your program sheet, however, does not lock you into taking exactly the set of courses you originally propose. The best way to think about your program sheet is as a contract between you and the Department detailing the requirements for the degree. Completing the courses in your approved plan—as long as you fulfill the general requirements that apply to all degrees—will entitle you to graduate with the MS CS degree in your chosen area of specialization. If you need to change your plan of study, you must simply renegotiate the contract, which means submitting an updated program sheet that represents your updated course of study, and getting approval from your advisor and the MS CS administrators.

You can use a version of the program sheet from any year that you are active in the MS CS Program. For example if you matriculate into the MS CS program in 2023-24, and graduate in 2024-25, then you can choose to follow either the 23-24 version of the program sheet, or the 24-25 version. You cannot mix-and-match requirements between two versions.

Current CS MS students should submit program sheets electronically through GIN.

Gates Information Network - Submit Here

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Computer & Network Security

Information Management & Analytics

Software Theory

Theoretical CS

Computational Bio (Biocomp)

Human-Computer Interaction

Visual Computing (Real World Comp)


Program Sheet Guides

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Archived MS Program Sheets

You can find earlier program sheets in previous academic years in the archived files.

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