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BS | Depth Requirements

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A 2.0 minimum grade point average (GPA) for all courses in Engineering Fundamentals, CS Core, Depth, and Senior Project (combined) is required. Transfer credits in Computer Science Depth must be approved by the Computer Science undergraduate program office. You can find more information regarding transfer credits here

Important Note: For the program sheets, there is a strict minimum of units and courses that need to be met in the Depth section.

Depth Electives

The Depth electives are an opportunity to explore a broader array of CS concepts through various introductory classes. Furthermore, students can gain deeper understanding towards a concentrated topic by enrolling into the higher level graduate classes. Students have flexibility to build a broader base of CS knowledge or focus on a topic tailored to their interests. For scholars pursuing research, professors or advisors will be able to recommend relevant classes that can be used as electives.

The elective requirements can be fulfilled by taking classes from the general CS electives list or the list of classes that fulfill the elective requirements specific to each track. These track-specific electives often include classes outside the CS Department to allow for interdisciplinary work. For the list of available electives at your disposal, refer to your program sheet for guidance.

If you believe a class should be on the list of approved general CS electives or a track specific electives list, please refer to information regarding the petitions process.