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BS | Independent Study

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Undergraduate research is often done through CURIS, for academic credit, or through an informal arrangement with a professor.

Independent Study Research Courses

  • CS191 or CS191W. These courses are each a one-quarter research project that fulfills the Senior Project requirement. CS191W is the Writing in the Major (WiM) version of this course. Students must set up their project, find a faculty sponsor, and submit a proposal.
  • CS195. These courses are one-quarter research project that fulfills a CS elective on the undergraduate program sheet (up to four units) for students who are not yet eligible to take CS191. Students must work under faculty supervision and get prior approval for their project.
  • CS199 (Bachelor's) and CS399 (Master's). Are a one-quarter independent studies for students who have already taken four units of CS195 but are not eligible for CS191. These units will count towards the University-wide graduation requirements, but not toward the CS major itself.

For all of these classes, students can propose a project of their own or can find and receive approval for a project listed on the undergraduate CS research website. All students must get prior approval from their faculty sponsor, at the very least, before signing up for any of these classes.

Research Project Course

  • CS294 or CS294W. These courses fulfill the Senior Project requirement and allow students to get involved in a major ongoing research project. CS294W is the Writing in the Major (WiM) version of the course.
  • Note: Check the course listing to see which research areas are covered in 294 for any given year.

Research Course Flowchart

Still not sure which course is suitable for you? Consider this flow chart: