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BS | Science Requirements

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Transfer credits and AP credits in Science must be approved by the School of Engineering (SoE) Dean's Office. Any course of 3 or more units from the SoE science list, PSYCH 30, or AP Chemistry may be used. All AP credit must be approved by the School of Engineering.


  • CS majors must take both a Mechanics class (PHYSICS21, PHYSICS41, PHYSICS61) and an Electricity and Magnetism class (PHYSICS23, PHYSICS43, PHYSICS63). 
    • Mixing classes from different series is acceptable. Physics labs are not required for the CS major. 
  • In general, almost any college level, first year physics class that covers mechanics and E&M will be awarded transfer credit and count towards the physics requirement.
    • Taking physics at Foothill College, the local community college, or at home over the summer is typically acceptable. Since the School of Engineering approves this requirement, check with them prior. AP credit will also satisfy the physics requirement. For more information, refer to the Physics sections of the Stanford AP Credit Chart.

Science Elective

  • The list of approved electives includes the School of Engineering science electives list and PSYCH30 (Perception). 
  • A 5 on the AP Chemistry exam will count as 4 units of science elective credit. The Undergraduate engineering handbook will have an current list of classes that can be counted towards the science elective.

Approved Science Elective Courses