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PhD | Teaching Requirement

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Each student must complete at least four units as a course assistant (CA) or teaching fellow (TF) (2-50% or 4-25% for a total of 100%) during their academic career for courses in Computer Science that are numbered 100 or above. Earning one unit equates to contributing 10 hours per week for one quarter. A CA receives the same stipend and tuition benefits as a research assistant (RA). A TF receives a slightly higher stipend, as they are responsible for teaching a course. This requirement must be completed before the orals exam.

Distinction in Teaching

A graduating PhD student will be awarded a certificate of distinction in teaching, if the following conditions are met:

  • the student is nominated for this distinction by at least one CS faculty member who has supervised the student as a course assistant; this nomination is e-mailed to the PhD program officer;
  • the student has completed 10 units of CA or TF-ship in CS courses, where each unit counts as one 25% CA or TF-ship (i.e. five 50% CAships);
  • the units must include at least one course at the 100-course level; and at least one course at either the 200 or 300-plus course levels;
  • the student has taught at least one course as a teaching fellow with primary responsibility for organizing and teaching a course (tutored video does not qualify).