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PhD | Course Assistantship

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The CS Department offers a limited number of Course (CA) Assistantships.  The CS Department hires 25% CA's and 50% CA's. Students hired at the 50% level have a enrollment cap of 10 units in order to ensure that students are making expeditious progress toward their degree.

Course Assistants (CAs)

A Course Assistantship is similar to a Teaching Assistantship. Course Assistantship appointments are made for the full quarter. 

  • Application Timeline: Prospective CA applicants are welcome to apply online.
    • Autumn quarter. Applications are accepted from late June through late July. Offers are made in early September.
    • Winter quarter. Applications are accepted from mid-October through late October. Offers are made in early December.
    • Spring quarter. Applications are accepted from early February through mid-February. Offers are made in early March.
    • Summer quarter. Applications are accepted from early May through mid-May. Offers are made in early June.

Bettina Santos ( sends an email announcement to the CS MS and CS PhD mailing lists each quarter when applications go live.