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BS | Math Requirements

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Transfer and AP credits in Math must be approved by the School of Engineering (SoE) Dean's Office. Up to 10 units AP credit (with placement into MATH 51/CME 100) may be used. AP must be approved by SoE.

  • Restrictions: CS 157+ Phil 151 may not be used in combination to satisfy the Math electives requirement. Students who have taken both Math 51 & 52 may not count CME 100 as an elective.
  • Important Note: CS 103, 106B, 107, 109 and 111 must be taken for 5 units.


  • CS majors may use Math 19/20/21 or AP credit to satisfy the calculus requirement. 
  • For more information, refer to the Calculus sections of the Stanford AP Credit Chart.

Mathematics in Computer Science

  • The undergraduate curriculum requires two CS math classes: 
    • Mathematical Foundations of Computing (CS103),
    • and Introduction to Probability for Computer Scientists (CS109).

Math Electives

  • Two additional math electives are required for the CS major. The electives can be any combination of classes from an approved set of courses, listed on the first page of the program sheets.
  • Due to the significant overlap in the covered material, certain class combinations can not be counted towards the Math requirement. See your program sheet for more information.
    • If you are interested in utilizing a course from the School of Engineering Mathematics & Statistics courses, then you will need to petition for approval.

SoE Mathematics & Statistics Courses