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Research & Impact

Jeannette Bohg with SAIL team
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Making an Impact for a Better World

As computing continues to transform our world, the research we're pursuing at Stanford Computer Science seeks to ethically create, shape, and empower the new frontier. From the latest in robotics to foundation models to cryptocurrency, Stanford computer scientists are making an impact on the world beyond our academic walls. 

Faculty Spotlight: Omar Reingold

Faculty Spotlight: Omer Reingold, the Rajeev Motwani Professor in Computer Science

"A computer scientist teaching a theater class is a bit unusual, I’ll grant you that. But is it so strange? For me, classifying different parts of campus to left-brain-versus-right-brain kind of thinking is just an unfortunate stereotype. I'd much rather go with ‘creativity is creativity is creativity.'"
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In the News: See Our Research in Action

In the News

Dan Jurafsky: How AI is Changing Our Understanding of Language

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In the News

A Robotic Diver Connects Human's Sight and Touch to the Deep Sea

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In the News

To Cooperate Better, Robots Need to Think about Hidden Agendas

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CS Faculty & Their Research

Explore our network of faculty members and the innovation conceived by their research. They are shaping a new era of solutions and the next generation of thought leaders and entrepreneurs.

2023-04-12 collage of several Stanford computer science faculty Mendel Rosenblum, Mehran Sahami, Ron Dror, Sanmi Koyejo, and Diyi Yang.
CS Faculty & Research

Meet Our Faculty & Their Research

Stanford Computer Science faculty members work on the world's most pressing problems, in conjunction with other leaders across multiple fields. Fueled by academic and industry cross-collaborations, they form a network and culture of innovation.

Explore our directory of faculty by their research areas

The Emmy Award-winning video looks back at a remarkable six decades of AI work at Stanford University.

Stanford has been a leader in AI almost since the day the term was dreamed up by John McCarthy in the 1950s. McCarthy would join the Stanford faculty in 1962 and found the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab (SAIL), initiating a six-decades-plus legacy of innovation. Over the years, the field has grown to welcome a diversity of researchers and areas of exploration, including robotics, autonomous vehicles, medical diagnostics, natural language processing, and more. All the while, Stanford has been at the forefront in research and in educating the next generation of innovators in AI. Artificial intelligence would not be what it is today without Stanford.

23023-04-12 photo collage of several Stanford Computer Science faculty Chris Re, Chris Manning, Tatsu Hashimoto, Kayvon Fatahalian, and Chelsea Finn.
Where Research & Industry Join Forces

Research at the Affiliate Programs

Stanford Computer Science has a legacy of working with industry to advance real-world solutions. Membership in our affiliate programs provides companies with access to the research, faculty, and students to accelerate their innovations.

Research in the Affiliate Programs
2023-04-17 Joseph Huang portrait
Where Research & Industry Join Forces

Join the Affiliates Programs

Interested in the benefits of memberships to our affiliate programs, sponsored research, executive education programs, or student recruitment? Get started by contacting:

Joseph Huang, PhD | Executive Director of Strategic Research Initiatives
Stanford University, Computer Science 

Connecting Students & Research: Jump In

At Stanford, students do amazing research. Their projects are widely recognized as some of the best in the world. Stanford's reputation as one of the top CS programs comes in large part from this. If you're a student with a passion for participating in meaningful research, our CURIS and LINXS programs are designed to get you started.

2023 LINX and INSPiRE-CS cohort
Student Summer Research Programs

LINXS Program

The Stanford LINXS Program is an eight-week summer residential program that brings innovative undergraduates, who are currently attending Historically Black Colleges & Universities and Hispanic Serving Institutions, to Stanford for an immersive academic research and graduate school preparation experience. 

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CURIS 2023 cohort event montage
Student Summer Research Programs

CURIS Program

CURIS is the undergraduate research program of Stanford's Computer Science Department. Each summer, 100+ undergraduates conduct and participate in computer science research advised and mentored by faculty and PhD students.

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