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MS | Honors Cooperative Program

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Designed for working professionals, the Honors Co-op Program (HCP), is an opportunity to pursue a Master's program on a part-time basis. HCP students can attend many (but not all) classes remotely through the Online Learning Program of the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD). Refer to SCPD's course offerings to see which classes are offered remotely. This list varies from quarter to quarter. 

HCP students must reside in the United States. HCP students enroll in at least 3 units during Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters. Summer enrollment is optional. HCP students only have 5 years to complete your degree. Currently the AI and Systems Specializations can be completed with online coursework. Other specializations will require you to attend at least a few classes in-person.

The HCP admission procedures are the same as those for the full-time MS program. And regarding transcripts, if you submit your transcript directly to Stanford University, your employer will not have access to your previous transcripts.