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Joint Degree Admissions

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The joint MS/MBA degree program requires application to, and acceptance for admission by, both the Computer Science Department (CS) and the GSB. 

GSB Application

Typically, MS/MBA students apply to and gain acceptance for admission to both programs within the same year. However, it is possible for current CS (or MBA) students, who previously did not apply for the joint degree option, to apply for and pursue the joint MS/MBA degree program. CS students in the second year and MBA students in the second year may not apply for the joint MS/MBA degree program.

Admission Policies

  • A student in the joint MS/MBA degree program who has matriculated and begun studies in the Computer Science Department but has not yet begun studies at the GSB will be considered an MBA student with a plus (i.e., "MBA+").
  • Once MS/MBA students begin Autumn quarter management perspectives, they will be considered regular MBA students and subject to the applicable academic policies.