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Students can use any program sheet starting the year they matriculated into Stanford. We encourage scholars to complete a program sheet early, when you have an idea of the classes you will take to graduate. You do not need to have grades listed on your program sheet to submit, as long as you have indicated the courses you will take to fulfill the requirements and the units you will take for them. Students are not allowed to mix requirements between program sheets.

Important Note

  • All courses listed on your program sheet must be taken for a letter grade except courses taken Spring 2019-20, and Autumn 2020-21 through Summer 2020-21. 
  • All courses listed on your program sheet can be included under only one category; there is no double-counting.
  • As soon as you have an idea of the courses you plan to take to satisfy your BSCS program, you should submit the CS Major Program Sheet Form. If you are planning to apply to graduate, this should be submitted at least one quarter prior, to ensure you receive feedback and approval.
  • Take into consideration that only approved program sheets will be submitted to the School of Engineering for graduation review. 
  • To submit your CS undergraduate program sheet, you can complete the form below or at the bottom of this webpage.

CS Major Program Sheet Submission Form

Students that wish to deviate from the program sheet can petition for exceptions or deviations to their CS requirements.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Computer Engineering



Visual Computing (Graphics)

Computational Bio (Biocomp)

Human-Computer Interaction



Individually Designed

Department of Computer Science

Archived Program Sheets

Students can view old Computer Science program sheets and the deprecated major, Computer Science Engineering's program sheets.

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Department of Computer Science

Info Session Archive

Reference all the recorded sessions and presentation slides from past information sessions that the CS department has hosted. 

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CS Major Program Sheet Form

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