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PhD | Special Registration Statuses

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Please make sure to check eligibility for the special registration statuses below.

Terminal Graduate Registration (TGR)

Once you have completed the 135 course/research credit units and all the program milestones, except for your orals exam and dissertation, you can apply for TGR status.

Students are strongly encouraged to apply for TGR status as soon as they are eligible, as the TGR tuition is reduced. The School of Engineering and the University expect students making reasonable progress to be TGR for only one year.

IMPORTANT NOTE: TGR fees only provide for maintenance of matriculation; they do not represent tuition. If a TGR student wishes to take a course for credit, then the student will pay tuition on a unit basis, at a special tuition rate.

Graduation Quarter

  • Registration. This is required for the term in which you defend and/or submit a dissertation or have a degree conferred. You must meet all the following conditions to be eligible for a special tuition rate for the quarter in which you are receiving a degree:
    • All course work, degree requirements, and residency requirements for all graduate degree programs, including joint degree programs, have been completed prior to the start of the requested graduation quarter.
    • You have formally applied to graduate.
    • You only have left to defend and/or submit the dissertation, project, or master’s thesis by the deadline for submission in the term designated as the graduation quarter. 
    • You have filed all necessary graduation quarter forms before the first day of the term chosen as your graduation quarter.
    • If you are returning after reinstatement in which all degree requirements are complete (with the exception of the dissertation defense and/or submission) you are eligible to reinstate into a TGR status.
  • Enrollment requirement. While on graduation quarter status, PhD candidates should enroll in CS 802 course with their advisor.
    • Students on graduation quarter are registered at Stanford (as they have the rights and privileges of registered students).
    • Graduation quarter status may be used only once during a degree program.
    • There is a tuition rate of $150 for the graduation quarter.